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Knowing God - Perspectives from Other Christian Denominations

You are LISTENING to a new mini series on different perspectives of what it means to be a Christian from other Christian denominations. Our guest for this week is Dr. Russell Moore, a leader of the Southern Baptist denomination. In a previous conversation Fr. Chris Metropulos talked with Fr. James Martin, a Catholic Priest as we learn different practices, approaches and find out what we have in common with other Christians. In the next conversation Fr. Chris interviews Scott Cairns, an Orthodox Christian poet who writes in order to know God, trusting that God gave him a talent for crafting words so he may use his writing in order to find God. Here are the links to his published books.

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Is It Ok to Make Mistakes? (Part 1): Family Insights Podcast Series

Welcome to the Podcast Series of Family Insights powered by Orthodox Christian Network and Family Life Ministry.  Together these ministries have collaborated to bring insight into family life.  Paula and Eleni will be back every other week in between your busy tune schedules. OCN is with you in your day to day faith walk engaging Orthodox Christians in the in between times for families and parishes. Listen Now.

Today join us as they talk about how we all make mistakes and how struggles can be good.  Together these counselors will walk you through the important topics so that you can gain insight into your family.Let’s look at our resources, Our ChurchOurselves, and Our Faith.  Sit back today, listen, and find your deep breathe.  The Jesus Prayer is a Prayer of Breath.

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Who is Jesus of Nazareth?

We begin with a conversation about what it means to be a follower of Christ, who is Christ, what do we know about him with Fr. James Martin. Fr. Chris raises some contemporary issues challenging our society today and asks Fr. Jim how we can understand them in the context of Jesus’s call to follow him. Fr. Jim’s three bestselling books: Jesus, A Pilgrimage, A Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything and Between Heaven and Mirth address these issues and encountering the person of Christ.

Our second interview is with Ariane Trifunovic Montemuro about her book, I Shall Remember Thy Name From Generation to Generation  as she talks about finding her faith as a first generation Serbian and her work with the Decani Fund. Ariane speaks passionately about the rich spiritual tradition of the Serbs and their historical courage in defending their faith. Kosovo continues to remain the spiritual heartland of the Serbian Orthodox faith tradition. Find out how you can contribute to the Decani fund at http://www.thedecanifund.org/  

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Fasting Is More Than a Diet


Is gluttony a real thing? Can food do more than nourish you? Is the fast a diet or something more? Listen as Fr. Chris discusses fasting with Fr. Patrick Irish of Saint Mark Antiochian Orthodox Christian, Irvine, CA. It’s not too late! This will be an inspiration to a healthier (both spiritually and physically) Lent.

But first, listen as Fr. Chris speaks with Fr. Moses Berry of Theotokos “Unexpected Joy” Orthodox Church in Ash Grove, Missouri. They discuss Fr. Moses’ journey to Orthodoxy and the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black, a group of Orthodox Christians who are committed to multi-racial, pan-Orthodox fellowship, and study of the ancient African roots of our faith.

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Take a Moment to Listen: Beautiful Paschal Video Clip from SEM


The Orthodox Christian Network is proud to share this Paschal video clip from the choir of the School of Ecclesiastic Music in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Byblos and Botrys.  It is beautiful and mesmerizing, we hope you enjoy it!

SEM is the School of Ecclesiastic Music in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Byblos and Botrys (Mount Lebanon) – Lebanon. It has been established in 1997 with the blessings of His Eminence Metropolitan Georgios Khodr. SEM choir was established 2 years later in 1999.

The school aims at spreading Byzantine Liturgical Music in Lebanon, Antioch and in the world. In this technological and entertaining era, SEM foresees Byzantine Music as an important means to attract and fascinate the youth of the third millenium to church and to its liturgical services, thus to the committment in community life.

Through concerts, recordings and TV programs, SEM also aims at providing audio and video material for the Orthodox media in Antioch.

School Director & Choir Conductor: Roy Sahakian

Click here to learn more about SEM.

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TuneIn and AHA Radio - More Ways to Listen!

We feature two different formats for online radio.  The Anchor is talk radio.  The Rudder is Liturgical music.  They can be heard through a variety of radio apps including TuneIn and AHA Radio   Just go to your favorite APP STORE and you have the convenience of listening to our programs anytime, anywhere.












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