Stammzellenspender dringend benötigt

Astrid benötigt dringend Hilfe!

Stefan Hund


Stefan Hund, Klinikseelsorger
Stefan Hund, Klinikseelsorger



"Ich glaube an Wunder - und hier braucht es eines !

Astrid, die Freundin einer Freundin braucht sehr dringend eine Stammzellenspende wegen einer sehr aggressiven Leukämie.
Wir reden leider nicht mehr von Monaten ...


Bitte teilen, lasst uns das WUNDER erleben..."


Stefan Hund, Betreiber des Podcasts "Was Deiner Seele gut tut"


Blood Cancer! Mixed African- European/Caucasian Stem Cell Donor Urgently Needed!

My name is Astrid (Ada).


I was diagnosed with a particularly severe form of blood cancer – Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).
I am Nigerian-German and urgently need an African-European/ African-Caucasian stem cell donor who can help me to continue being there for my children, my husband and my friends.


Given the advanced nature of the disease, every day, every hour,every minute counts!

It is extremely difficult for people of mixed ethnic origin to find a suitable donor. Less than 3% of people registered as donors worldwide have a mixed ethnic background.

If one parent of yours comes from West Africa, ideally Nigeria from the ethnic group of Ibo / Igbo and the other from Europe, you can help save my life with a stem cell donation.

Do these criteria apply to you? Then please register with your local country’s stem cell registry.
I very much hope for your help!
Your Astrid (Ada)